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After 8 generations, the Lagneau Family know how to excite your taste buds

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We’ve been independent winemakers for so long that we can’t even tell you the exact date we began our love affair with the world of wine. What we can say for sure is that we’ve been making wines for at least 200 years in our cellar, in the traditional Beaujolais manner.  With knowledge passed down from father to son and mother to daughter, we care passionately for our vines - many of which are over 70 years old - while transforming our Gamay and Chardonnay grapes into wine with love and poetry. Using a combination of new technology, respect for the environment and innovation, we cultivate our 17 hectares under the watchful eye of our ancestors. In 2018, I took over as head of the estate from my parents Jeannine and Gérard.With our feet firmly planted on this ancestral land, we are keen to share our passion for Beaujolais wine.

If you fancy a relaxing break, we can offer you a selection of rooms in our gîte. Our traditional stone building, dating back to the 17th century, has Alpine views and on a clear day you can even catch a glimpse of Mont Blanc on the horizon. We look forward to welcoming you to Quincié-en-Beaujolais situated right in the heart of “Geoparc Beaujolais”!

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Love for the land and for our beloved planet

Because we are so deeply attached to our Beaujolais roots, it’s very important to us that we protect and nurture our vines. We have the utmost respect for our land and our plants are like our own children. So, we give them the best of ourselves, care for them, talk to them and love them, while protecting local wildlife, so that they flourish and bloom. And, in return, our vines provide us with magnificent grapes, from which we create fine wines, reflecting the different types of land within our estate. 

In addition, we maintain our hedgerows, trees and water sources, allowing regeneration of the local ecosystems. We use alternative methods with the aim of minimising our impact and encourage biodiversity by installing beehives near our vines. Our outlook is simple: the more we encourage a richer, more varied and diverse ecosystem, the better the protection we will get against predation and disease. Thus, for the sake of everyone, we need to put in place good practices that protect our environment.

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Rewarding work

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Sustainable and responsible farming  

Over 10 years ago we began to introduce “virgin”  zones, free from agricultural activity, with the aim of preserving our local  wild plants and animals and protecting biodiversity. In our opinion this is  fundamental. That’s why our wines are certified every year as “HVE  3” (a designation for products with high environmental standards).  We care very much about the quality of our wines. We  regularly win awards at competitions in Paris and Mâcon, as well as being  mentioned in the Guide Hachette. Come and visit our cellar and sample our  award-winning wines.


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Guide Hachette 2021

Domaine Lagneau is Guide Hachette 2021 Favorite for its Cuvée Côte de BROUILLY 2018

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